IpsiHand Rehabilitation Device for Stroke Survivors

Have you suffered a stroke?   Are you experiencing a loss of arm functionality? IpsiHand™ uses your healthy brain activity when thinking about movement to retrain a new part of your brain to control your disabled arm. Learn How the IpsiHand Works .dh1ONX{display:none} .uclLhq>.dh1ONX{top:-4px;left:calc(50% – 6px)} .VZgjh3>.dh1ONX{right:-4px;top:calc(50% – 6px)} .AeM07Z>.dh1ONX{bottom:-4px;left:calc(50% – 6px)} .CELmzj>.dh1ONX{left:-4px;top:calc(50% – 6px)} … Continue reading “IpsiHand Rehabilitation Device for Stroke Survivors”

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